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Stump Grinder Buying Guide

... A Stump Grinder is the fast, easy, and cost-effective solution.

Choosing a Stump Grinder

Country Home Products offers DR Stump Grinders, and all DR models do the basic job—grinding stumps—in exactly the same way. By sweeping the cutting head across the stump surface, you will shave away about an inch with each pass and gradually eliminate the stump completely. All models will do the job equally well.

... The grinding teeth (8) are the core of all DR Stump Grinders and the grinding action is the same for all models.

Choosing the right model for you boils down to 4 considerations:

  1. Power
  2. Starting
  3. Transporation Mode
  4. Budget


Power translates into working efficiency. An increase in engine power will give you more rotational inertia to grind more smoothly, with less likelihood of bogging down. These performance differences will be relatively subtle for easier stump grinding (softer woods) but the harder the stumps you need to remove are, the more likely you are to benefit from extra horsepower. The DR line starts at 6.6 HP (PREMIER model) and goes up to 11.7 HP (PRO XL and PRO XLSP).

... More engine power means smoother operation.


Electric-starting is the most convenient but, with the latest advances in compression release, all DR Stump Grinder engines are easy to pull-start as well. That makes a manual-starting model a no-hassle choice. If you prefer the ease of key-turn starting, choose an electric-starting model (which includes recoil backup for any time the starter’s battery becomes depleted).

Transportation Mode

How will you get your Stump Grinder to the jobsite? Many customers use a trailer or UTV which is an excellent solution. If you want to use an ATV or lawn tractor, the optional Tow Kit can be used to pull the Stump Grinder behind you. The Tow Kit either comes standard or is an optional accessory, depending on the model you choose. We also offer a Self-Propelled model. If you don’t have far to travel, you can simply drive it to the site—and from stump to stump—without trailering or towing. Self-propulsion is a really good idea if your property is hilly or has a lot of uneven terrain. The self-propulsion has no bearing on stump grinding itself—only on how you transport the machine.

... If you want to transport with your ATV, get the optional tow kit (standard on the PRO XL model).


Naturally, budget is always a consideration. Compare the options on each model, and rate the importance of power, starting, and transportation for your own situation. And consider pragmatic solutions that may help you keep the cost lower. For example, if you have a lot of stumps on a hillside, can you get it to the top and work your way downhill? With gravity on your side, self-propulsion may not be so important.