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10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Garage or Workshop Needs

Garages and workshops might be utilitarian areas, but they don’t have to be unorganized or dirty. Maybe you’ve already turned this workspace into a little slice of paradise, but why not add some extra bells and whistles to really kick it up a notch? Whether you’re a household pro wanting to take your workshop to the next level or a homeowner looking to start some new projects, everyone can benefit from adding extra safety and convenience features.

Portable Heater

The cold weather can quickly turn your garage or shop into an unwelcoming place and control when you can or can’t work. A portable heater will help you reclaim your workspace and make it feel toasty without much effort. Just plug it into a nearby power source and keep working on your projects, no matter the outside temperature!

Portable heater on construction site. Many portable heaters come with safety features like roll cages that are perfect for workspaces.

Personal Protective Gear

The most important thing when working in your garage or shop is to keep yourself safe. A pair of sturdy work gloves, safety glasses, ear protectors, or other personal protective gear should not be overlooked! Be sure to factor in any specific features like waterproof material based on the projects you’ll be handling.

Storage and Organization System

If your garage or shop has been feeling a bit chaotic and unorganized, take back your space with a quick storage solution. There are many different options from shelves, bins, and racks to cabinets and containers. The key is to get as many items as possible off the ground. Don’t be afraid to consider something like a recreational rack for elevating bikes, skis, snowboards, kayaks, or other bulky items.

For large organization needs, a wall storage system might be your best bet. These consist of a back panel that you can install shelves, cabinets, hooks, magnets, bins, and containers on. Wall systems are popular because they quickly mount to the wall and are customizable, so you can update the pieces as your needs change.

Full wall storage in a garage Full wall storage systems can support any size storage needs.

Material Handling Products

Moving large items can be backbreaking work – literally! If you have any heavy lifting to do, using wheeled moving equipment will make the job easier and safer. There’s a wide variety of material handling equipment that can make light work of moving heavy boxes and other bulky items. Hand trucks, carts, and dollies are the most frequently used gear to carry bulky objects, and paired with a sturdy transporting ramp, can enable quick loading of your pick-up truck or van.

Cargo Management Products

When using any wheeled moving equipment, don’t forget to add ratchet straps, bungees, or other tie-downs to keep the items from falling. Tie-downs are also helpful for securing objects in the back of your truck or on top of your car.

Watering Tools and Mounts

Keeping a high-quality hose and nozzle in your workspace is a convenient way to wash the car, water the garden, and rinse off any outdoor gear. There are many types of hoses and nozzles that can create various water pressures/spray patterns and adjust in size, so be sure to consider all the projects you might use it for and their watering needs.

The best way to keep a hose neat and organized in your garage or shop is with a wall-mounted hanger and reel. This will pull the hose back to its holder with the simple turn of a handle. Hose carts are mobile versions that can be pushed around your property and stored against the garage or shop wall.

wall mounted and wheeled hose storage There are various ways to store a hose and some options even come on wheels!

Portable Generator

When the power goes out, it’s easy to panic about all the food in the fridge spoiling, not being able to work on your projects, and basically having your life interrupted. Storing a portable generator in the garage or workshop enables you to quickly provide power to anything that might need it, whenever you need it. Some portable generators are even solar-powered, so you can charge it just by putting it out in the sun during the day and then store it inside the garage at night.

Gas/Diesel Storage

If you use any type of power equipment, generator, or recreation vehicle, it’s a good idea to invest in some high-quality fuel storage products. Having an easy way to safely transport and store gas or diesel provides a lot of peace of mind for household projects and outdoor fun. The most popular options are fuel cans, caddies, carts, or tanks.

Gas can and trimmer Keeping some fuel storage options in your garage or workshop cuts down on trips to the gas station!

Mud Mats and Boot Trays

A wet, muddy garage or workshop floor is a recipe for slipping and falling. Having a durable mat that can soak up any moisture and remove dirt is important for keeping your space safe. Consider a mat made of a quick-dry fabric and rubber-reinforced surface that will retain moisture and solidly stick to the ground. Boot tray mats are a great option for storing outdoor footwear in an easily accessible place like your garage’s entrance.


There’s truly nothing as versatile as a tarp. It can be used to create camp shelters, protect anything against rain or wind, collect and haul away leaves and yard debris, and to make simple coverings or barriers during any type of transport. Keeping a tarp in your garage or workshop is a simple but worthwhile investment because you never know when it could come in handy!