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male using string trimmer in back yard

FAQ: Battery-Powered String Trimmers

What are the Key Differences Between Battery- and Gas-Powered String Trimmers?

Gas-powered string trimmers are the traditional models that are heavy, loud, and require ongoing maintenance. They are powerful pieces of equipment but it’s no secret they’re harmful to the environment and hard on the user.

Battery-powered string trimmers (also referred to as "cordless-electric" or "battery-electric" trimmers) take down the same thick weeds as gas-powered equipment and you won’t have to deal with gas, oil changes, or extension cords. Cordless electric string trimmers can bring just as much power and the batteries last long enough to accomplish most trimming needs, all while also being better for the environment!

Please Note: the battery-powered string trimmer we offer at CHP is one tool in the suite of DR Battery-Powered Yard Tools featuring interchangeable batteries. We recommend reviewing all the tools to understand how you can use the same power source (the battery) in multiple tools.

How Powerful are Battery String Trimmers?

For those homeowners with moderate to thick amounts of grass and weeds, an electric string trimmer can help you take back your yard without breaking a sweat. The DR PULSE String Trimmer features 62-volt Li-Ion power with a 450-watt brushless motor. The 2.5 Ah battery brings lots of muscle and uses a variable speed trigger that lets you rev up for tougher growth.

Are Electric String Trimmers Lighter?

Gas-powered string trimmers can vary in weight, with lightweight trimmers ranging from 10-13 pounds before being filled with gas. Battery-powered string trimmers are much lighter alternatives and make a huge difference when being used for long periods of time. At just 10.6 pounds (including the battery), the DR PULSE won’t wear you out.

The lightweight cordless electric string trimmer in use. Keep arm and neck pain at bay with a lightweight cordless electric string trimmer.

Are Battery-Powered String Trimmers Quieter?

Everyone knows the piercing noise of gas-powered weed whackers. Cordless electric string trimmers are much quieter, so trim away at any time of day.

How Long Will an Electric String Trimmer Run?

The DR Pulse battery-powered string trimmer which we offer will run for up to 45 minutes with the recommended 2.5 aH battery. You can double your runtime by getting a second battery at the time of purchase. If you keep the second one fully charged you can trim for up to 90 minutes continuously.

Can I Use My String Trimmer’s Battery in Other Yard Tools?

One of the best innovations in power equipment is a cordless electric tool set. Instead of buying multiple tools that all need different batteries, purchase the “bare” equipment and one shared battery in a set. The other tools available in the DR Battery-Powered Tools include: 21" lawn mowers (push and self-propelled), a leaf blower, a hedge trimmer, a chainsaw, and a pole saw.

A full set of electric tools. Why buy separate battery-powered equipment when you can get an interchangeable set? 

Will Additional DR Tools be Developed?

Yes! As the collection of battery-powered tools grows we will offer them here at CHP. You can sign up for new product alerts and we will deliver them to your email inbox!

Last updated: 6/30/2022


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