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male using trimmer mower by pond

How To Get the Most Out of a DR Trimmer Mower

A Multi-Purpose Machine

A Trimmer Mower, as its name suggests, is a dual-purpose machine. Here at Country Home Products, we offer DR Trimmer Mowers which do even more! They trim, mow, and—with the addition of optional attachments—they even cut brush, making them the most versatile trimmer mowers available.

You will get a lot out of a trimmer mower just by choosing a product from this niche category, and you’ll get even more by opting for a DR. Let’s go through some of the basics of getting the most out of your investment.


Trimming is the most basic task and one that your trimmer mower will do with remarkable ease and precision. For long fence lines there is no better tool for cleaning up the weeds and grass that gather around the posts and that your mower can’t get at.

DR Trimmers are set up for trimming with most precision and ease of use on the left side (from the operator’s POV). The offset trimmer head makes it easy to trim right up against obstacles like fence posts or foundations.

... The DR’s offset trimmer head makes precise trimming easiest on the operator’s left side.

Trimming on the other side is fine too, just keep in mind that the trimming zone is shifted to your left, rather than being centered, and you may find situations where you need the obstacle to be on your left to get the result you want. With just a little practice you will discover the best practices. If you are trimming all the way around trees, a counter-clockwise path is best (tree on your left).

... The DR TrimSafe Guard prevents girdling.

If trimming around trees is important for you, get the TrimSafe Guard accessory. It creates a safe perimeter that allows you to trim around trees (in an orchard, for example) without slowing down to avoid girdling the bark. The TrimSafe Guard saves a lot of time for anyone with lots of trees on their property.


Mowing with a trimmer mower is different from a bladed lawn mower and for most of your lawn areas, you should stick with your normal lawn mower. But a trimmer mower shines in off-lawn areas where it would not be safe or prudent to take a bladed mower. Hidden rocks can bend or damage blades but they won’t bother your trimmer cord one bit. Likewise, uneven ground that would be very difficult to navigate with a lawn mower (and would cause scalping besides) is no problem for the high-wheeled trimmer mower.

Your trimmer mower can also mow tall grass and weeds that would quickly clog a normal lawn mower. There is no enclosed deck for materials to accumulate under so clogging is not a concern. For the same reason, grass and weeds you mow with a trimmer mower will not get mulched. But if you are not concerned with a groomed appearance, it will mow very effectively.

... The DR lets you mow in off lawn areas where you would not take a bladed mower.

Mowing Tip: a trimmer mower cuts most effectively with the TIPS of the cord, so don’t try to move too quickly. Let the trimmer head come up to full speed, then ease it into the thick growth. If you jam it into thick material too quickly, you may cause it to stall.

Cutting Brush

Adding a Beaver Blade to your DR Trimmer Mower can be a terrific time saver in many situations. The Beaver Blade is basically a chainsaw attachment. But taking down a thicket of saplings or brush with a chainsaw is punishing work that requires bending over constantly and dropping to your knees to make the chainsaw blade parallel with the ground.

... The Beaver Blade is a custom-designed attachment for the DR Trimmer Mower.

The Beaver Blade mounts close to the ground to cut brush and saplings off low. You can get work through a stand of saplings or other brush (anything up to 3” thick) much more efficiently with a Beaver Blade than you could with a normal chainsaw.

The DR Trimmer Mower is a “category buster” that can really cut down on the number of tools you need for maintaining your property.

Last updated: 7/8/2022


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