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Choosing a Tow-Behind Leaf and Lawn Vacuum

If you’re here, it means you’ve had it with the drudgery of raking and blowing leaves. When you’re already spending time riding on your mower, being able to accomplish all your leaf clean-up as you mow is a modern miracle. It’s time to kiss that rake goodbye!

The DR Tow-Behind Leaf and Lawn Vacuum is our favorite solution to this chore. The DR takes the leaves, twigs, grass, and pinecones from under your mower and shreds them using a steel impeller, then deposits them in a large collector. To unload, just drive to your chosen spot to dump up to 321 gallons at once.

... Collect and shred leaves as you mow!

Its year-round versatility adds a ton of benefits. Bring your spring yard back to life by sucking up all the sticks, matted leaves, and acorns, or for normal mowing in summer, attach the DR and use it as a high-capacity grass bagger.

... Hook up the DR Vacuum to collect lawn trimmings.

Storage is easy: the cloth collector collapses to a compact bundle and the engine rolls away on its own built-in trolley. A utility trailer remains for hauling all sorts of materials around your property: fertilizer, feed bags, wood, tools, you name it!

... The multi-use design protects your back against carrying heavy items.

All DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuums function in the same way, as they feature the most powerful engines on any consumer leaf vacuuming system. With only minor variations between models, it can be tricky to figure out which is best for you.

To help you decide on a DR Vacuum, we’ve broken down the key differences:


Let’s start with the PILOT 200 model

DR’s most budget-friendly option, the PILOT is perfect for small-to-medium properties with intricate landscaping or inclines. Its compact size makes it the ideal choice for lawns with tight turns, narrow fencing, hills, small bridges, or other obstacles.

The PILOT gives you amazing suction power with a simpler unloading method than any vacuum near this price. Just unbuckle the back and lift!

... Empty the PILOT by simply unbuckling and lifting the collector.

With the collector removed, the underlying frame can also be used as a flatbed trailer rather than the cart-style found on the other models. It’s perfect for hauling all sorts of loads around your property, particularly stackable and tie-down items.

... The PILOT can tow up to 400 pounds.

What’s different about the PREMIER 200 model?

Step up to the PREMIER model for the convenience of the clamshell collector. Opening the collector only requires 1 hand and the steep 60-degree dump angle ensures that unloading is fast, easy, and thorough.

... Just lift and open the clamshell with 1 hand!

The clamshell design also comes with a cart-style trailer that can haul up to 500 pounds of soil, feed bags, wood, plants, and much more!

... The convertible trailer is perfect for year-round towing.

Why upgrade to the PRO 321 model?

The next highest level is ideal for medium-to-large flat properties with heavier lawn clean-up. Featuring a capacity of 321 gallons, the collector holds 60% more material than the PILOT and PREMIER models. Greater capacity means more time collecting leaves and less time driving to your dumping spot!

The PRO model uses a 9.2 HP engine. The combination of the extra power and capacity makes it a great choice for larger properties or lots of foliage.

... The PRO’s 321-gallon collector will eliminate unnecessary trips to your dump pile.

The PRO has the same easy-opening clamshell collector and backless cart as the PREMIER model, but with a hauling capacity of up to 800 pounds. Consider upgrading to the PRO if you plan on using your Leaf and Lawn Vacuum to transport very heavy materials.

... The PRO model can tow up to 800 pounds.

Do I need the most powerful PRO XL321 model?

DR’s top-of-the-line Leaf and Lawn Vacuum combines the biggest collector with the most powerful engine to give demanding conditions extra muscle. The 11.7 HP engine provides a reservoir of power so you can work longer with less likelihood of bogging down, and the steel impeller creates tremendous airflow that mulches all the leaves you can throw at it.

... The PRO XL model can handle the toughest clean-up jobs.

For a small property, 200 gallons may be more than sufficient. But if you have acres of land to clear with heavy foliage, the PRO XL is for you. When deciding between a model with 200- or 321-gallon capacity, consider your acreage and number of trees. The goal is to minimize traipsing to your dumping pile!

... The 321-gallon collector can save you a lot of time unloading!